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Data analysis

Example problems

To keep our clients, we organize extensive marketing campaigns. The effect is that while we successfully present our new offer to those who are seriously considering ending cooperation with us, the incurred expenses cause the whole enterprise to lose business viability. How can we effectively designate a list of clients who are in the highest risk group of leaving our company, so that we do not waste money on too extensive campaigns?

For our company there is a great need for good forecasting of demand for our products on every stage of the supply chain. A good forecast lets us plan our operations well and therefore maintain a low level of costs. How can we improve the forecast quality of the demand for our products to manage the supply chain costs in a better way?

Our company spends huge amounts of money on marketing campaigns to increase sales. However, we get the impression that we incur too high expenses in relation to the results we receive. How to optimally plan a marketing campaign to maximize sales while incurring the minimal costs possible? How do we tailor our offer to reach the taste of our clients?

The sales department acts as if all our clients were the same. This causes a lot of money spent on ineffective loyalty programs. Knowing our clients better, we could design loyalty programs better adapted to the different groups of clients. How do we divide our clients into actually distinct segments? What kind of loyalty program should be offered to each segment?

If the above problems seem familiar to you and your organisation possesses data that can be used to increase operational effectiveness, it is worth contacting us and we will be able to help you by offering professional services of data analysis based on mathematical models.

Our experts will describe the problem using the language of mathematics. Next they will conduct, with your participation, a number of analyses to answer the key questions. The result of the work will be delivered as a report, and if there is such a need, we are ready to deliver an IT tool, which will allow you to conduct the calculations in the future without the necessity of our participation.

What can you gain thanks to analysis based on mathematical models?

Analysis based on mathematical models relies on a formal mathematical model. This brings about the following advantages:

  • High quality - you will find out what mistakes you can make by using a given mathematical model.
  • Lack of speculation - all calculations, as a result of mathematical reasoning, are fully objective.
  • Repeatability - all calculations can be repeated at any time to receive the same result for the same input data.
  • Explicability - all calculations can be clarified and explained basing on the language of mathematics.
  • Sensitivity analysis - by introducing modifications into the input data, we can examine to what extent the decision depends on the data.

What our work looks like?

Within the scope of our services we will prepare a mathematical model of your company operation for specified decision-making processes. Using this model we will be able to answer the questions you ask in an objective manner, based on hard numeric data.

Our work is delivered in two options:

  • A report containing:
    • Description of the method, according to which the presented results have been obtained. Presentation of the method will allow you to conduct further analyses at different times and with different data without the necessity of our experts‘ participation. This open approach to presenting the method is also a protective measure for you, as you can confront it with experts other than ours.
    • Analyses results described in your business language.
  • Analytical tools
    • By doing our work we create specialised analytical tools which we can provide to you or integrate with e.g. a spreadsheet. Thanks to this you will be equipped with the tools allowing you to repeat the analyses.