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Tariff optimization for business clients of mobile telephony


The offer of telecommunications companies is very rich and quite complex. They offer many types of tariffs, many services, which are strongly interconnected. Having a tool allowing to quickly create new tariffs and evaluate their financial effectiveness for clients of the telecommunications company is a significant competitive advantage on this difficult market.

The challenge

The challenge faced by our company was to prepare efficient optimization algorithms, which were to meet the following restrictions:

  • Full representation of the telecommunications company offer. It meant that we had to model very complex services and interconnections between them (e.g. service of 10 free minutes, which can be exchanged for text messages, but only when a certain other service had been turned on earlier, or a service of cheap calls, but working only for calls with particular selected numbers and only in the evenings).
  • Calculating costs on the base of a real client billing (acquired directly from the billing system). The costs were to be calculated with adequacy to 1gr in relation to the billing system costs (as seen on invoices).
  • The algorithm execution time had to be at least 2 times shorter than the existing solution created by an experienced team of programmers from a big IT company.

Achieved results

Our experts have designed optimization algorithms meeting all the requirements. In particular we have managed to meet the efficiency requirement with a large margin (the new algorithms execute 5 to 11 times faster than the existing solution). The system is currently used on production in everyday work.


It is worth highlighting that the project was realized in a short time span, and the success of works on the calculations engine was one of the key acceptance criteria of the client. The added difficulty was that we had to solve a problem never tackled before according to our knowledge and professional literature inspection. Our experts have managed to solve the mentioned problems very well.


Works on this project were commissioned by our client Infovide-Matrix SA (http://www.ivmx.pl).